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Uncategorized Jul 11, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI is a term that has taken on new levels of buzz in the mainstream across industries. ChatGPT from OpenAI seems to have accelerated our discussion of advanced artificial intelligence digital technologies in healthcare. 

However, we must remember the same principles we use to assess, design, develop, test, implement, adopt, optimize and maintain new healthcare technologies when considering AI tools. 

Technologies in healthcare must be are available to support rather than lead us in how we deliver care. To do so requires that we, nurses, doctors and all members of the healthcare team (e.g, including patients) are knowledgeable about artificial intelligence to be able to envision how it can support areas of our information needs that we cannot accomplish on our own. 

I was recently interviewed on AI for Nurse Journal in a piece entitled, "How AI can transform nursing practice". You can read that piece here. Of the areas where I was quoted, this statement is something to keep at the forefront of everyone's mind, “We must ensure and emphasize that these AI tools are intended to support or assist and not replace the critical thinking of our nurses.” This will depend on us to ensure that we know what these technologies are supporting and that we help provide the strategic direction of such tools. Just because something is available does not necessarily mean that it is needed for care. 

Next week, we will be releasing our new program, AI:101. AI:101 was developed to provide the fundamentals of artificial intelligence to nurses and healthcare professionals through exploration of what constitutes AI, the role of AI in nursing and healthcare, what we can do today to prepare, the role of quality, ethics, and policy in AI and our role in reimagining the future. 

This self-directed short program will help demystify this complex area for you to be able toe effectively engage in those important conversations. 

We hope to see you in AI:101 next week when it opens! 

Have a lovely day, 

Dr. Kelley & the iCare Team


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