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Delivering Health IT and Informatics Expertise

Consulting Services

iCare provides health IT, nursing and health informatics expertise to businesses and individuals who are seeking strategic and operational consultation services to meet current and future goals.

At our core, iCare is uniquely prepared to bring together the clinical needs with the technical capabilities to meet a uniform and sustainable goal to support care delivery through information technology, informatics and an innovative lens.

We work with our clients to understand the existing gaps that need to be filled and subsequently articulating those needs to complete those work efforts.

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Consulting Services

  • strategic planning icon

    Strategic Planning

  • proposal request icon

    Requests for Proposals

  • needs assessment icon

    Needs Assessments

  • system selection icon

    System Selection

  • Mapping icon

    Workflow Analysis and Mapping

  • system design icon

    System Design and Redesign

  • Device Selection icon

    Device Selection

  • strategy icon

    Standards and Interoperability Strategy & Implementation

  • Roadmap icon

    Roadmap Planning for Maintenance and Optimization

  • clinical icon

    Clinical Documentation Design and Evaluation

  • infrastructure icon

    Infrastructure Support

  • program icon

    Program/Product Management


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Health IT & Informatics Education

One cannot be successful in healthcare today without a foundational understanding of health IT and informatics. At iCare we recognize the dependencies on these fields to deliver the highest quality care to your patients, families, communities and populations in need.

We strive to deliver educational programs that allow for professional growth and advancement in one’s desired career path.


Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you will likely have some questions about iCare and how we care for others through our work. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section has answers to many of the most commonly received questions.


About iCare

iCare Nursing Solutions LLC was founded in 2015. The name iCare is a combination of informatics, information technology and innovation while holding true to the caring nature of the nursing profession and scientific basis.

We specialize in understanding the individualized needs of each client, whether that client is a large healthcare organization or a single individual.

By providing an experience that is individualized while grounded in scientific knowledge and wisdom, we aim to surpass the expectations and set each client up for continued successes.

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