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Updates to the Nursing Informatics Credential - November 2023

Happy Saturday all!

I am writing to share with you an important update from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) regarding how to display your board certification in nursing informatics. 

Earlier this month, ANCC sent out a communication that the board certification designation (BC) had changed for the nursing informatics that hold this certification. 

Now, instead of signing your name as RN-BC, the Nursing Informatics board certification is designated as NI-BC. 

So, for example, I will adjust my signature line to now be: 

Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN NI-BC 

ANCC encourages you to make this update to your email signature lines, business cards, badges and any other place where that may need to be adjusted to reflect this new change. You may read that direct communication from ANCC that I received here

If you are not yet board certified in nursing informatics but are interested in preparing for the exam, consider our NICER Program for your...

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New Informatics Nurse Board Certification Exam from ANCC

ANCC released its updated test content outline for the Informatics Nurse board exam on May 3rd 2023. Many have been awaiting this new information (originally expected in December 22 and then June 23) to know what new content and/or changes may occur. 

I was surprised to see it come a month earlier than expected but we got to work and began reviewing the differences in the previous exam content and framework with that of the new exam. 

Some good news to consider for those that have been actively preparing - everything you've been preparing for still applies. There may just be some additions you need to include in your study plan. 

Some differences include: 

1. The exam is now 150 questions (instead of 175 questions). We anticipate this means that your time available during the test is also cut a bit short (likely 3 hours from 3.5 hours). There are 25 practice questions that are not counted toward your score in this 150 questions. However, you will not be able to...

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Advancing your Informatics Career...

During the summer of 2014, I finally committed to taking the informatics nurse board certification exam. 

I did not know how to approach studying for it nor how it would go but I was tired of putting it off and knew if I did not do it soon, it would continue to get put off. 

While I had my PhD in nursing informatics from Duke, I knew that I was still missing that third party validation of my knowledge that could be assessed by clients, customers, and colleagues. I did not want there to be any question that my knowledge, experience, expertise, and approaches to health IT projects and practice  was comprehensive, thorough, and valuable to others. 

Unfortunately, there have been many times where I have been asked, "what is informatics?" and "what do informatics nurses do?". Those are times when I reflect on their questions and recognize that more clarity is needed to our roles and capabilities. 

One way to demonstrate your capabilities, expertise, and...

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