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New Informatics Nurse Board Certification Exam from ANCC

ANCC released its updated test content outline for the Informatics Nurse board exam on May 3rd 2023. Many have been awaiting this new information (originally expected in December 22 and then June 23) to know what new content and/or changes may occur. 

I was surprised to see it come a month earlier than expected but we got to work and began reviewing the differences in the previous exam content and framework with that of the new exam. 

Some good news to consider for those that have been actively preparing - everything you've been preparing for still applies. There may just be some additions you need to include in your study plan. 

Some differences include: 

1. The exam is now 150 questions (instead of 175 questions). We anticipate this means that your time available during the test is also cut a bit short (likely 3 hours from 3.5 hours). There are 25 practice questions that are not counted toward your score in this 150 questions. However, you will not be able to detect which is a graded question and which is a practice question. 

2. The three main test content areas remain the same (good news!). The difference here is in the weight of the number of questions. The breakdown is as follows: 

*Foundations of Practice. (36%, ~ 45 questions)

*System Design/Development Life Cycle (35%, ~44 questions) 

*Data Management and Healthcare Technology (29%, 36 questions)

Looking at this breakdown, the exam is now more balanced than it was before where Foundations of Practice was at least 50% of the exam and Data Management and Healthcare Technology was closer to 22%. System Design/Development Life Cycle did not change much (a percentage or two). 

We at iCare, myself included, have completed a thorough evaluation of the test content outline in comparison to the prior exam. We have also created a 1 page document of new items that is now part of our updated Nursing Informatics Certification Exam Review (NICER) Program, version 2.0. (You can enroll now and save $50.00 using the code NICERJUNE50 on check out through June 30th). 

We are confident that we have provided yet again an even more robust program to support your preparation needs. (We're even working on another practice exam for you expected to be available in July!). 

I hope this is helpful to those of you that have had questions about the changing exam. From my perspective, it is helpful to have it out there and now we move forward and continue to help informatics nurses achieve their goal of board certification in the specialty practice of informatics nursing!!

Have a lovely day and summer (the official start to summer is tomorrow June 21st!). 

Be well, 

~ Dr. Kelley 



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