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Taking that step toward board certification as an informatics nurse

nursinginformatics May 21, 2022

It was about this time of year in 2014 when I decided I was going to prepare for the Informatics Nurse board certification exam. I had wavered back and forth on it for a number of years. 

Becoming board certified was something I wanted to accomplish but questioned whether I needed it. 

However, there came a time when I decided I needed it before an opportunity in nursing informatics would require it in the future. 

I had been in the field for ten years at that time (now 18 years) and something I had experienced time after time was in clarifying what informatics nurses do and how they drive an impact on quality care through nursing science, computer science, and information science. 

If I held the board certification, that would be beneficial for potential clients, healthcare organizations and peers to have a metric to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities I possessed as an informatics nurse before beginning any type of work. 

Additionally, I was personally motivated to hold the certification as it is one of the nursing specialities with a scope and standards of practice through the American Nurses Association. 

So, for these reasons, I decided to prepare for the exam and sit for it. 

I spent the summer preparing and I'll be honest that I did not know where to start. I did not have a program to help review the content, concepts, and questions. 

I sat for the exam and did pass however, the exam was not easy. 

A few months later, I was approached to develop a program to support informatics nurses prepare for the board certification exam. 

This is how the Nursing Informatics Certification Exam Review (NICER) Program came to fruition through iCare Nursing Solutions. 

I took this opportunity to build the program in a way that would offer a review of essential knowledge, application of concepts, and test taking preparation. 

The first program offering was in 2016 and since that time, informatics nurses across the country have participated in a variety of formats - live in person, live virtually, and since 2020, on demand. 

The NICER program continues to evolve and improve to best serve those who are ready to take that next step. 

You can learn learn more about the NICER Program offered through iCare here. More information about iCare can be found here

Have a wonderful day, 



Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN-BC

Founder & CEO 

iCare Nursing Solutions LLC

[email protected]

cell (857) 919 0600


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