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Revamp your Resume

Can you believe that we are less than two months away from a new year? The 2022 year has gone by fast. Something that always comes to mind toward the end of a year is closing out the current year and planning for the next. 

As we head toward closing out the 2022 year, it is important to reflect on what you have accomplished in your professional career. 

Perhaps you were asked to serve on a new health IT, quality and safety, or informatics council. 

Perhaps you were asked to give a presentation on behalf of your colleagues for a project that helped support care delivery. 

Perhaps you took on a new role, received an award, or earned a new certification. 

Whatever you may have achieved, now is the time to ensure it has been added to your resume. In fact, I encourage you to consider establishing a cycle at least once, preferably twice, per year where you revamp your resume!

I often hear from nurses who are either looking for ways to stand out in their resume or are looking for ways to enter the health IT and/or informatics field without a formal role in the speciality practice to date. 

After hearing from many of you and providing feedback, we have created a program for you to Revamp your Resume. 

This self-directed guide will support your efforts to not only Revamp your Resume but ensure that you have included all possible areas to highlight your knowledge, expertise and skills. 

The Revamp your Resume program is now available for you here

Let us know other areas where we can be helpful to you and your professional growth. 

Be well, 

~Dr. Kelley & the iCare Team 


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