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 Taking the next step in your nursing informatics career through board certification! 


This 90 minute live webinar addresses why you should consider becoming board certified and the value of a preparatory program to guide you toward your goal.


Additionally, if you've been curious about iCare's NICER program, it is a great time to join the free webinar, have your questions answered, and learn about enrollment.
Dr. Kelley will be live and able to answer your questions. 


In this Webinar some of what Dr. Kelley will cover  includes...

  •  The value to you and others of advancing your nursing informatics career through board certification.   
  • The importance of effective and stepwise preparation for the exam.   
  • Topical areas of focus for knowledge development and refinement in preparation. 
    • Foundations of Nursing Informatics Practice
    • System Development Life Cycle
    • Data Management and Healthcare Technology
  • Breaking a BIG goal into several small preparatory steps.
  • Recognizing success is the result of preparation, self-reflection, and consistency.
  • Leveraging practice test questions and test taking strategies.  

Nursing Informatics Certification is Growing in Demand  

We hear from informatics nurses across the country how important board certification is for career advancement, new hires, promotions and Magnet designation. 

  • The number of informatics nurses and interest in the specialty field continues to grow.
  • The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey in 2020 reported that the top three values to certification are: 

*personal satisfaction,

*credibility, and,

*validation of specialized knowledge and...

  • 40% have a new role in the field post board certification. 
  • 52% of those newly board certified are in a new role within a year! 
  • Nearly 50% reported board certification as highly impactful on career development. 

This Webinar is for you if... 


* You are a Registered Nurse (RN) with a year of experience in nursing informatics (e.g., SME, analyst, informatics nurse, CNIO and more). 


*A Registered Nurse (RN) with a graduate degree in informatics nursing with 200 hours of practicum. 


* If you are close to either of these requirements and are eager to take the next step in your informatics career.


Testimonials of Past Participants of the

Full NICER Program

Absolutely Fantastic

"This program was absolutely fantastic. There is always so much more to learn and simply helping to break down the questions was very useful. I am a horrible test taker. I feel better now.

Learned more about Nursing Informatics 

"The NICER Program was very helpful in teaching me about nursing informatics aspects that I did not know. I would recommend to others."



About the Instructor,

Dr. Kelley PhD MBA RN-BC 

Dr. Kelley will be the host of the webinar and is the Founder & CEO of iCare Nursing Solutions. 

iCare Nursing Solutions LLC was founded in 2015. The name iCare is a combination of informatics, information technology and innovation while holding true to the caring nature of the nursing profession and scientific basis.

Dr. Kelley has 18 years of nursing informatics experience starting as a super user, to clinical analyst and then pursuit of a PhD in nursing informatics at Duke University. 


Feedback from a past NICER participant: 

"Dr. Kelley, you are a great speaker and teacher of this subject. Your enthusiasm about this topic helped keep my interested the entire day. I will recommend this class to others as I think it is very helpful to prepare for the informatics nurse exam." 

Building your Informatics Career through Preparation for the Informatics Nurse Board Certification Exam


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