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Supporting your informatics and/or health information technology (HIT) needs through educational programs and consulting services.

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Educational Programs


For the novice to expert in the field of nursing and health informatics, we are equipped to offer educational programs that meet your needs.

Our signature NICER (Nursing Informatics Certification Exam Review) program is in the 7th year of offering. 

Consulting Services


 iCare is uniquely prepared to bridge and connect your clinical needs with the technical capabilities of your system(s) to support care delivery as a result of 20 years of information technology,  informatics, and nursing expertise using an innovative lens.

We work with each of our clients to understand the existing need(s) to be filled and formulating a strategic pathway  to complete those work efforts.

iCare Community


Nursing is the art and science of caring. Within the field of informatics and health IT, iCare will soon offer a community for nursing informatics and health IT professionals to connect, learn and grow from one another. 

Our Signature NICER Program 

Nursing Informatics Certification Exam Review 

The Nursing Informatics Certification Exam Review Program, aims to prepare informatics nurses to apply, register, take and be well-equipped to pass the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Board Certification Exam in Informatics Nursing.

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How to Influence Change for EHRs and/or Health IT Systems

Answering the question: How can nurses help improve EHRs? 

 The most frequent question we are asked is, "how do we make it easier to use the EHR and/or other digital tools?". The purpose of this program is to deliver applicable knowledge and skills to help you begin to drive change for the betterment of quality patient care.

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*NEW* Demystifying Nursing Informatics 

Let us take the mystery out of nursing informatics for you. 

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iCare Consulting Services 

Pairing clinical and technical expertise to meet your desired outcomes. 

 iCare is uniquely prepared to integrate your clinical needs with your technical capabilities to meet a uniform and sustainable goal to support care delivery through information technology, informatics, and innovative approach.

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Revamp your Resume!

Revamp your Resume is designed to support you share your health IT and Informatics knowledge, expertise and skills when exploring new career opportunities. 

Transitioning from a clinical nurse role into a health IT and/or informatics role can be a challenge to represent on your resume, especially when first starting in the field. This self-directed program will help you revamp your resume and ensure your experiences stand out. 

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iCare Community 

Creating a community of informatics professionals to network and learn. 

If you are interested in connecting with other nurses in the field of informatics and health IT, we meet virtually each month. Join us for one or all of the sessions. 

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Leveraging Linkedin

How to Build your Professional Influence on Linkedin 

 Linkedin is a platform that offers the opportunity to develop your professional profile to grow and cultivate your sphere of influence. 

Coming February 2023

iCare about Health Tech Podcast

Bringing more discussion to Health Tech Topics that are common  conversations. 

How many times have you had a conversation with a peer about how health tech is impacting care delivery? Well, we are here to continue those conversations in a podcasting show. Health Tech solutions are not going to slow down. Yet, we need to reflect and strategize on how they can impact health care delivery.  

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iCare Community

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